Preparing to ship


Hello Tilers,

We know that it has been several weeks since our last update, so we wanted to tell you about our progress. We are now just several weeks away from shipping Tiles to our very first backers dating back to late June last year. There is so much involved in setting up the systems to ship to hundreds of thousands of people. And, we’ve been focused on making that process, and ultimately the experience for you, even better.

In addition, we have submitted our app to the Apple App Store for approval. It is typical for the process to take longer for apps that have hardware components, but we’ll let you know once it is officially approved as well.

The app

We have not spoken much about the app so far, but you saw the prototype in the video. We’ve been hard at work building a phenomenal user experience and investing in areas as we’ve learned about what is and is not possible with the iPhone.

For the past month, we’ve been running usability studies with real users in a controlled environment to understand how people intuitively use Tile. One interesting tidbit that really surprised us was the difference between the way men and women look for their Tile using the app.

Months ago we started development of the application based on the functionality we envisioned in the video. When we first started, we began with hand written designs of what we wanted our users to experience when they used Tile. Across the bottom of the photo, you’ll see the handwritten notes and sketches. Above those are the first designs of the for various pieces of the app to meet those initial sketches and requirements.



Fulfillment is the term companies use when they’re describing the process that takes place once they receive an order all the way to the customer receiving the product they ordered. This includes the warehouse that stores, packages, tracks, and ships the package.  Setting up this system is no easy task, and Amazon is truly masterful at it.

At Tile, we’ve setup our own fulfillment systems with one of the best companies in the business. So, all of our orders that we will be shipping over the next few months will all come from one warehouse in the Los Angeles area.

All the Small Things (or Big)

Of course, there many other things that we’ve been working on as a company.

  • Packaging - Like Apple, we want you to have the very best out-of-box experience and that starts with the package.  We’ve put a lot of effort into making that a great experience as well.
  • Website updates - We have been so focused on building a great product that we have really neglected our website.  We are turning that around. 
  • User research - In addition to usability testing of the app, we’ve spent a lot of time interviewing and polling the Tile community so that we can really understand you and how to make the product the very best for every Tiler.
  • Hiring - We are growing extremely quickly as a company and we cannot hire fast enough.  We need great engineers of all kinds and it is extremely hard to find the right talent even in the heart of Silicon Valley.  We’ve been spending a tremendous amount of time on this.
  • Building a great culture - Every great company has a well defined culture, and we are taking that very seriously at Tile. We are trying to build a community minded company that actively gives extraordinary value to our customers and the world at large.  

Thanks for your incredible support. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate you backing our company, and cannot wait to ship you your Tile.

All the best,

Nick Evans

CEO & Co-Founder

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